Rating: 5 out of 5.

Katie Crump
100% recommend NINOgraphy! I had a great session with her. She has a special eye and amazing talent. There were no uncomfortable “poses” that I had to do, it was very natural and peaceful.

Natasha Zaplatina
“I absolutely adore the photos that Nino took of my son, my husband and I. They are beautiful and natural. Everything was very effortless and we felt very comfortable, just doing normal things in our own home, like playing, reading or running around in the garden. It’s great to have this amazing memory of time spent with my son, especially because he’s growing up so fast! It’s so much better than the staged studio photos that always end up with kids crying anyway. I highly recommend Nino to everyone who is looking to have some family photos done.”

Sarit Schneider
Nino took wonderful photos and captured so many amazing family moments. I’d highly recommend her!

A. Milheres
“Nino took pictures at my child’s school – those were the best school pictures we have ever seen! It was a joy to discover her work – the children all looked wonderful, while being relaxed and natural. Very impressive.

“Nino is an awesome artist. She really has an eye for photography! I love her natural kids photography and the touching breastfeeding series. The photos she took of my kids are wonderful and just what I was looking for. Highly recommend her!”

Michelle Mirpour
Nino never ceases to amaze me. She is very talented with anexceptional eye for detail. From the moment we met in 2007 and to this day, she is always exploring and coming up with new techniques for her photography. When we first met, we had an amazing 5 hour photo shoot where we started at a construction site in her neighborhood. Back then she used to live in Baltimore, MD, but since then she’s traveled and lived on a few different continents. She had me pose in front of a big pile of dirt, and the photos came out so amazing that they actually look like I’m in a desert in another country. She is so passionate about her work and about children. I’m always impressed with her unique parenting approach, and now by her endeavors to capture every precious childhood moment with her adorable little daughter. If you have a chance to come across Nino, on whichever continent she might be residing, do not pass up the opportunity to schedule a photography experience with her. You might just be blown away.

Marina Gan
“Nino has a unique ability to gain rapport with children, quickly making them comfortable and relaxed in her presence. This allows her to capture children as they are, at ease, candidly or more deliberately, and permits access to a level of intimacy in her photos otherwise reserved for those close to the child/family.”

“I’m so grateful to have someone capture something that feels like it’s fleeting now. Nino was so good with my daughter. She keeps on talking about the magic paper that turned into a bird!”

Joe Giordano
“Excellent technique and decision making. Particular points of view that mark an educated and creative eye.

Eden Mamo
“I have known Nino since 2018 and she captured an amazing moment of my daughter’s childhood. She add a magical sparkle in my daughter’s childhoods memory. I would recommend her for everyone who wants to capture a moment in her camera.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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