Hey, I’m NINO, a Multi-Award Winning Photography Teacher & Documentary Kid & Family Photographer.

We’re capturing beauty & magic of childhood so you have your most precious and intimate moments for a lifetime.

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could capture everyday moments so that my kids could see how much I loved them?”

I was born in USSR at the time when photography was a luxury.

My family invested in taking photos regularly to document every day life and travel adventures.  

I used to love looking at my parents’ and grandparents’ photo albums that captured personalities and mundane moments so beautifully.

It was a great way to learn about family history, ancestors and, in turn, about myself.

But for one reason or another, my family stopped taking photos after my first year of life.

Consequently, the only photos I have of myself growing up are a few lifeless, posed studio portraits which show neither my personality nor passions.

Sadly, I don’t have any photos with my family from this time period.

And while I have some faint memories of us doing things together, for the most part it feels as if they weren’t really present in my childhood. 

One day a friend’s uncle was visiting and snapped this candid portrait of me as I opened the door. It’s my favourite photo because it shows how disheveled my hair always was, how happy I was playing in the street and also my confidence through the posture. It’s funny to see how little I’ve changed – I even still wear shirts like that now. 😀

When I was 11, my father gave me his Zenith camera. It had only 24 frames of Kodachrome film in it, but it took me a year to use it all. (I didn’t want to waste any frames and only chose subjects that truly interested me). 

Here are some of those first photos which I actually used years later to get into a University Fine Art department to study Photography.

As you can see, I loved taking photos of kids even then.

You might think that I knew then what I’d be doing 30 years later, but the fact is no one other than me saw the developed film and no one told me that photography could be a career. And even when I graduated with a Master’s of Fine Art in Photography, I never imagined I could be taking photos of kids in this way. Partly because I didn’t have any kids around me and partly because I needed more life experiences.

So I practiced fine art photography instead – teaching photography at some of the best schools and universities world-wide, winning many awards and exhibiting my work internationally.

You can even see some of my photos in Museum Collections. 

Fast forward to when my daughter was born, and I started to see the world with new eyes.

I decided to take photos of her




so she wouldn’t feel the way I do about my childhood.

I discovered that what I truly love doing most is helping parents like you capture those moments that your children will want to look back at and remember.

I want to preserve your true joy and connection together,

to help you capture real, natural emotions without uncomfortable posing,

to help you photograph interactions with your children so that your kids know you were really there

and how much you loved them.

I want to help you tell your childrens’ and your family’s personal stories –

through documentary family photography.


if you’d like to capture precious moments with your children, 

reach out

and send me a message.



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